Tour, Social Media, & Music Video Update


We’ll finally be hitting the road this April. We’re very excited to stretch our legs in the US considering what a long time coming it has been.


4.3 Detroit, MI @ The Berkley Front
w/ Great Reversals, Roots and Ruins

4.4 Toronto, ONT @ Soybomb Hq
w/ Foxmoulder, Shahman, Respire, Wood Louse

4.5 Quebec City, OC @ Pantoum/Le Phoque
w/ Black Love, ALBATROS, SCARE

4.6 Montreal, QC @ l’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle
w/ Black Love, the Expectorated Sequence

4.7 Dover, NH @ The Dover Brickhouse

4.8 Wayne, NJ @ Gili’s Place
w/ NY in 64, Forever Losing Sleep, Facility, entia

4.9 Baltimore, MD @ BF
w/ Alter

4.10 Philadelphia, PA @ Lava space
w/ NY in 64

4.11 NYC, NY @ ABC No Rio
w/ NY in 64, Cinema Cinema, Sangharsha

4.12 Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern
w/ Lawskof, Clouds Over Midgar

As far as social media is concerned, we’re doing our best to stay as current as possible. Barring an ello account in the future, we’ve decided to branch out into Tumblr and Twitter territory (to go along with our facebook presence).


We also bit the bullet and got our music up on Spotify (as well as other streaming services we’ve frankly never heard of before). In keeping with the past, you won’t have to pay a penny for it. Check it out!


Lastly, we are happy to share with everyone a tour video featuring a brand new song that will be on a compilation from Middle Man Records. The song is called “A Bird in the Room”, named after a Kay Sage painting of the same name.

New Full length “Friedrich” in the works

We’ve been hard at work since returning from tour earlier this year. Originally planned as a two song EP, the work we had started for the artist Caspar David Friedrich has now expanded into what will be our third full length record. Faced with the scope, power and breadth of his work, two songs just wasn’t enough for us to really delve in. The songs are all in the works now with no plans yet to record but 2015 is looking like a possibility. As we develop songs we will begin incorporating them into our live set and we will post lyrics and a full list of paintings here once we have them ready. Needless to say, we are very excited to be working on so much new music to share.

In other news our guitarist, friend and brother Andrew will be moving to Michigan shortly. We couldn’t be happier for him entering this new chapter. For Locktender this will mean less Cleveland shows but hopefully more frequent visits to the Lake Michigan states.

We also have written and will record a song for a compilation of awesome bands that will all contribute tracks that are 1 minute or less. It was a blast to write and we hope to record in November for the release by our friend Shawn at Middle-Man Records.

While you wait for more news, enjoy this epicness from Friedrich and get pumped for a new LP!Caspar_David_Friedrich_044

Home from Tour!

Been home from Europe for a week now, can’t believe what an incredible time we had. Great shows, fantastic people and a really great trip all around. Huge thanks to our buds in The Reptilian for being such amazing musicians and friends (love you bros) and to Ingo from I.CORRUPT.RECORDS for being the best friend and manager we could hope for! Thanks to all of the promoters, bands and friends who helped us out along the way and came to see us, especially the Masada dudes for playing our last three dates. Not sure when we will be back next but rest assured, we can’t wait!
For the rest of this year we plan to finish a 2 song 7″ based on the works of Caspar David Friedrich that we will record later this year and we will also begin working on a new full length that will be TBA as far as the artist is concerned; we are very excited to be back to work though. Some shows around Cleveland/the Midwest will most likely come as well and we will post them here.
Thanks again!


Rodin and 7″ out now!

April 1st marks the official release of our second LP Rodin and our split 7″ with Amber! You can now stream, download and purchase the albums from us or from one of the labels that helped to release them, pre-orders should be on their way for whoever grabbed early copies.

Stream from BANDCAMP

We’ve also added free download capabilities from our bandcamp for anyone that wants to get WAVs, FLACs or other non-mp3 formats.

Coming up we have our first show in Columbus with our friends in Vit and Aviator, followed by playing the Saturday of Skeletal Lightning Fest II which should be an absolute blast, tickets are still available and there are so many great bands playing. After that we will be having the Rodin release party at The BottleHouse Brewing Company in Cleveland Heights on April 19th where we will also unveil the Locktender Imperial Stout which we brewed in conjunction with them for the release! Check out photos from the brewing and bottling process here. And then of course we are now only 6 weeks away from our European Tour with The Reptilian! Check out the dates and we hope to see you there!

Record streams and pre-orders

You can now listen to both our new LP Rodin and our split 7″ with Amber! We will stream the albums through some exclusive sites until the record comes out April 1st and will be available from us and labels in the US, Europe and Canada. It’s so great to finally share these records, it might seem to fall quick on Kafka‘s heels but for us these have been years in the making! Huge thanks to all the labels that were able to be involved

You can stream Rodin here from Scene Point Blank. We decided to start the stream with the quicker second track ‘The Thinker’ but the record will actually begin with our longest track to date ‘The Burghers of Calais’.

You can stream our split 7″ with Amber from Scratch the Surface too, featuring our song ‘The Piazza’.

Records available from I.Corrupt (EU), Halo of Flies (US), Désordre Ordonné(CAN), and more links coming soon.

Both records are off to the plant and hopefully we should be able to share some new music shortly! April 11th has been set for the Rodin release show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights, more details and bands to be announced soon. The recipe and packaging for the Locktender Imperial Stout is also almost finished, once we brew the beer we will post photos as well!
Here are the covers for our upcoming releases. Rodin was done again by our friend Jon Weed from Cassilis (who also have a new album coming out) and the photo was by Amy Kallicragas outside the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia. For the Amber split 7″ we got to work with Thee Ruiner again who did our last shirt. Can’t wait to share more!
covercrop lt side

Records, beer, shows and Europe!

Been a while since we updated so lots of cool news to share. The split 7″ with Amber is wrapping up nicely and should be ready for a February release, as is our new full length Rodin which should be out in April. Our good friend Jon Weed, who did the art for Kafka and the Cassilis split, will be helping again and things are coming along nicely. On top of both albums we will be partnering up with our local microbrewery The BottleHouse and brewing a specialty themed collaboration beer for the album release show. Details still to come but expect a beer as brooding and heavy as the album.

More shows on the horizon we will be doing a little Midwest tour with our long time buddies in Yusuke at the end of February and playing South Bend, Peoria and Kalamazoo. Then we will be back in Illinois for Skeletal Lightning Fest 2 which should be more insane than last year.

Lastly this May we have the pleasure of returning to Europe for another tour, this time with our friends in The Reptilian! Ingo at I.Corrupt will be bringing us over again and we couldn’t be more excited! Some of the dates are still getting confirmed but here is what we have so far, hope to see you there-
5/16 tbc
5/17 Marburg, Ger (w/ Amber)
5/18 Muelheim, Ger
5/19 Enschede, Nl *tbc*
5/22 Hamburg, Ger
5/23 Berlin, Ger
5/24 Linz, At
5/25 Budapest, Hu
5/26 Zagreb, Hr
5/27 Vienna, At
5/28 Erlangen, Ger
5/29 Dresden, Ger