Lots of news!

So first off, here is the FREE DOWNLOAD of our ‘Collected’ CD/Tape that will contain all three songs we recorded for our upcoming vinyl splits with Cassilis, Brighter Arrows and some more bands that are still TBA. Download and share! The download contains a impromptu lyric sheet but you can also see all the lyrics here.

We are super excited to announce that I.Corrupt records will be bringing us back to Europe this July for a 3 week tour! All the final dates are being confirmed now but a few of them are already posted in our shows section. We will be sharing the road with the awesome Sailing On from Karlsruhe and if you are interested in helping out with any shows you can email Ingo here (icorruptrecords@hotmail.de).

We’ve also been busy writing and have finished all the music and a good portion of the lyrics for our upcoming Kafka full length that will be four songs based on his Zurau Aphorisms. No set recording plans yet but we’ll start playing these live and definitely have them ready for tour.

Speaking of which, we have another show coming up next week (Feb 9th) in the basement of Now That’s Class with Xerxes/Code Orange Kids so if you’re in town for sure check it out.

Lots happening, expect more news soon about the vinyl releases, CD pressing and merch!

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