Our flights for Europe are in 2 months! So pumped to go back and can’t believe how quickly it came up! Still need help with two shows, one on July 12th in between Paris and Graz and one on July 18th in Eastern Germany or Poland. If you can help at all get in touch with Ingo from I.Corrupt. Can’t wait for 3 weeks on the road with Sailing On!

Our CD release show with Sky Burial is next Thursday. Listen to them if you haven’t, their new album rules—-facebook event page here.

We are starting to get artwork in for our Euro merch and it is looking amazing. Can’t wait to debut this stuff. The splits with Cassilis & Brighter Arrows are both at/going to the pressing plant now and are also available to stream so check those out, pre-orders hopefully starting soon.

As far as future plans go, we finished writing our 4 song Kafka full length which we are planning to record this fall after tour. We’ll be playing all of these songs at upcoming shows and on tour to tighten them up for the studio. Can’t wait for people to hear these songs and we are already starting work on the Rodin songs that will follow!

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