4-way Split 12″

Excited to announce that our song “The White Dam” will finally make it to vinyl, completing our ‘Collected’ releases. The album will feature on a 4-way split with Oaken from Budapest, who we were able to share the set with on our summer tour, and two mid-western allies, Coma Regalia & Wounded Knee. It’s going to be a great record and we are excited to work again with our label friends at Galt House and Moments of Collapse as well as some new labels for us. All the bands are recording this fall and we are shooting for a release this winter!

We’ve also been busy rehearsing our ‘Kafka’ LP which will be recorded this fall for a release next year and writing our epic ‘Rodin’ LP which will feature our song “The Thinker”, which we got to play last tour, a 20 minute song called “The Burghers of Calais” which we have just finished writing as well as some newer songs still in the works. Anyway, lots going on our end and we are looking forward to 2013 being a killer year for releases.

Merch store is online and we still have shirts, totes, CD’s, 7″s and 10″s so check that out if you haven’t!

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