Record streams and pre-orders

You can now listen to both our new LP Rodin and our split 7″ with Amber! We will stream the albums through some exclusive sites until the record comes out April 1st and will be available from us and labels in the US, Europe and Canada. It’s so great to finally share these records, it might seem to fall quick on Kafka‘s heels but for us these have been years in the making! Huge thanks to all the labels that were able to be involved

You can stream Rodin here from Scene Point Blank. We decided to start the stream with the quicker second track ‘The Thinker’ but the record will actually begin with our longest track to date ‘The Burghers of Calais’.

You can stream our split 7″ with Amber from Scratch the Surface too, featuring our song ‘The Piazza’.

Records available from I.Corrupt (EU), Halo of Flies (US), Désordre Ordonné(CAN), and more links coming soon.

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