New Full length “Friedrich” in the works

We’ve been hard at work since returning from tour earlier this year. Originally planned as a two song EP, the work we had started for the artist Caspar David Friedrich has now expanded into what will be our third full length record. Faced with the scope, power and breadth of his work, two songs just wasn’t enough for us to really delve in. The songs are all in the works now with no plans yet to record but 2015 is looking like a possibility. As we develop songs we will begin incorporating them into our live set and we will post lyrics and a full list of paintings here once we have them ready. Needless to say, we are very excited to be working on so much new music to share.

In other news our guitarist, friend and brother Andrew will be moving to Michigan shortly. We couldn’t be happier for him entering this new chapter. For Locktender this will mean less Cleveland shows but hopefully more frequent visits to the Lake Michigan states.

We also have written and will record a song for a compilation of awesome bands that will all contribute tracks that are 1 minute or less. It was a blast to write and we hope to record in November for the release by our friend Shawn at Middle-Man Records.

While you wait for more news, enjoy this epicness from Friedrich and get pumped for a new LP!Caspar_David_Friedrich_044

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