Tour, Social Media, & Music Video Update


We’ll finally be hitting the road this April. We’re very excited to stretch our legs in the US considering what a long time coming it has been.


4.3 Detroit, MI @ The Berkley Front
w/ Great Reversals, Roots and Ruins

4.4 Toronto, ONT @ Soybomb Hq
w/ Foxmoulder, Shahman, Respire, Wood Louse

4.5 Quebec City, OC @ Pantoum/Le Phoque
w/ Black Love, ALBATROS, SCARE

4.6 Montreal, QC @ l’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle
w/ Black Love, the Expectorated Sequence

4.7 Dover, NH @ The Dover Brickhouse

4.8 Wayne, NJ @ Gili’s Place
w/ NY in 64, Forever Losing Sleep, Facility, entia

4.9 Baltimore, MD @ BF
w/ Alter

4.10 Philadelphia, PA @ Lava space
w/ NY in 64

4.11 NYC, NY @ ABC No Rio
w/ NY in 64, Cinema Cinema, Sangharsha

4.12 Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern
w/ Lawskof, Clouds Over Midgar

As far as social media is concerned, we’re doing our best to stay as current as possible. Barring an ello account in the future, we’ve decided to branch out into Tumblr and Twitter territory (to go along with our facebook presence).


We also bit the bullet and got our music up on Spotify (as well as other streaming services we’ve frankly never heard of before). In keeping with the past, you won’t have to pay a penny for it. Check it out!


Lastly, we are happy to share with everyone a tour video featuring a brand new song that will be on a compilation from Middle Man Records. The song is called “A Bird in the Room”, named after a Kay Sage painting of the same name.

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