Friedrich Teaser Trailer

“A Monk, at the twilight of his life and overcome with his lack of faith, drowns himself in the sea. “Friedrich” tells the story of this man’s troubled life. The son of a wealthy merchant is shipwrecked on his maiden journey, conscripted into a foreign legion, and eventually escapes to the solace of a Monastery. Here, his experiences and past trauma, gravely, force him to come to grips with his faith. His lack of conviction in every facet of his life – industry, war, and religion – ultimately became his downfall. Although Caspar David Friedrich was a deeply religious man when he crafted the paintings in which these songs are based, the underlying themes of loneliness, melancholy, and despair are hard to deny. However, Friedrich’s paintings, along with the story of this Monk’s life, are a testament to the fact that with great sadness comes great beauty.”


Middle-Man Records
Zegema Beach Records

TAPE: Utarid tapes
Pre-order info coming soon

Special thanks to Chariot Of Black Moth for making the video.

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