Men As Trees


Men As Trees was our first band from 2003-2009 and we are all really proud of the music we made and everything we accomplished. Just to ensure that all of our music (from the last vinyl splits to the earliest awful live demos) are always available to download we are going to include them here. Thanks always for the support, sorry we no longer have any merch available—the labels who released the 12″, 7″ and comp. tape may still have copies so you can always check with them.

[2010] I.CORRUPT.RECORDS “This Is Hirse” split tape: Side A & B
[2010] Split 12″ w/ Le pré où je suis mort, Dolcim, Dying in Motion
[2009] Split 7″ w/ Single State of Man
[2009] Winter Tour Demo
[2008] Weltschmertz
[2008] Winter Tour Demo
[2007] Six Waves In
[2007] Emuzah Records – International Screamo Compilation 1
[2007] From the Crow’s Nest, Looking Out
[2006] Warred on by Cranes
[2005] Demo

Obviously we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the labels who helped release our last records and help us distro, especially Ingo from I.Corrupt who brought us to Europe in ’09 and will bring Locktender back in 2012. Please check out all the amazing records available from these labels.

12″: Moment of Collapsecommunications is not wordsApe Must Not Kill Ape, Arctic Radar, IFB
7″: I.Corrupt, Still Leben, Synalgie Records, Emuzah, lala
CD’s: Daijoubu, Mopsorden, Emuzah
Tapes: I.Corrupt, Hansei

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